Limited Edition Scarf

GMB – Gerakan Mukena Bersih is an Islamic Community Empowerment Program that promotes learning, application and habituation of Islamic values in everyday life by ensuring the presence of clean ‘mukena’ in public praying facilities (mosque/musholla).

Two main activities of GMB are mukena production and mukena maintenance. The first is supported by donator’s infaq while the second is to be carried out by volunteers. The mukena will be placed in mosque/musholla which location is self-selected based on their accesibility.

As a volunteer based and non-profit organization, GMB invites and facilitates everyone who are willing to involce at both activities. Alhamdulillah on the 10th year of GMB activity, approximately 1000 volunteers has been widespread in 79 cities in Indonesia.

Upcoming the Ramadhan 1438 H, GMB together with Nur Zahra have a special fundraising program ‘NurZahra-GMB Limited Edition Scarf” as a donation to produce ‘mukena’ of GMB. The 60 x 80 cm scarf is made from cotton yarn. It takes two months to make one scarf, dyed in indigo natural dye. Pattern isnpired from a star in a from of geometric using batik technique, hand made in Indonesia

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